A Space for Being, a seminal multiroom installation about neuroaesthetics and the impact of design

A Space for Being is an interactive, multiroom installation organized at Salone del Mobile Milano in 2019 to explore how thoughtful design have the potential to impact our biology and well-being.  

As guests entered the exhibit, they were outfitted with a wristband that measured specific physical and physiological responses.

Next, they visited three rooms incorporating unique furnishings, artwork, colors, textures, lighting, and sounds, created with the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University.

The first room, Essential, is designed as a warm “womb-like” space
The second room, Vital, has a more playful design
The final room, Transformative, boasts an elegant, minimal design

At the end of the exhibit, guests received a customized report suggesting in which space they felt “most comfortable” or “at ease,” based on their real-time physiological responses.

The exhibit showcased our unique responses to the world around us and the sensory experiences we all encounter on a daily basis. A Space for Being continues the conversation into how human-focused design can impact our wellbeing.