RARE by Suchi Reddy for Mortlach by Design

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As a designer, artist, and architect, I want to evoke feeling with everything I create. For Mortlach, I was challenged with creating an object of ultimate intention, while also reimagining the whisky-drinking experience, mirroring the way that the Mortlach pioneers –  the Cowies – rethought the distillation process. To achieve this, I was eager to create something that keeps us present, a rare gift, whilst simultaneously evoking memories and feelings of home. 

I was drawn to the project through the sensuality of my own whisky experience. Understanding the importance of creating an object that enhances that relationship, I focused on a design that evokes a strong sense of presence and intentionality. With Ewan Morgan, Diageo’s Luxury Ambassador, I explored the history of whisky, the intricacies of Mortlach specifically, and a variety of materials including copper and precious stones, all integral to informing the design.

Speaking with Ewan, we discussed the importance of immediately summoning a familiar and comfortable environment through the whisky experience, which inspired me to work with smell. Our sense of smell relates to the oldest part of the brain, bringing back memories that allow people to quickly appreciate their surroundings, and thus evolved RARE.

RARE is a limited edition artifact and incense that encourages whisky drinkers to take an intentional moment to experience the beauty that is Mortlach. The base of the object is a unique disk of tiger eye, a precious stone with a color similar to Mortlach’s, creating a kinship between the spirit and object when enjoyed together. I chose a copper disk to layer over the center of the coaster, reflecting the copper in the Mortlach stills, whereupon specially created incense paper is placed. When burnt, the paper offers notes of sage, sandalwood, and leather, its scent evoking feelings of comfort and familiarity whilst complementing the smokeless Mortlach. Each time the paper is burnt, it will leave a unique scar that reaffirms a sense of space and time within the object. When the paper is spent, RARE transforms into a coaster; removing the central copper tray leaves space to perfectly fit a whisky-nosing glass. 

It was important to me that the object wasn’t temporary, as I aimed to create something that would be enjoyed and reused; RARE is beautiful, timeless, and intentional.

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Please drink responsibly. Mortlach Single Malt Scotch Whiskies. 43.4 – 55.9% Alc/Vol.
Imported by Diageo, New York, NY.

“I was very interested in exploring our sense of smell, because through neuroaesthetics I’m always looking at the human body and the way we react to everything around us. Our sense of smell brings us to a place in our memory the fastest. I knew I wanted to work with memory and amplify emotion"

Suchi Reddy told COOL HUNTING