Form Follows Feeling

At Reddymade, we believe that architecture, environments and experiences play an essential role in shaping an understanding of ourselves as humans with agency, equity, and empathy. Uniting a wide ranging portfolio of architecture and artistic work is a holistic approach guided by a belief in the power of architecture and spatial experience to impact how we feel, how we shape society, and the positive contribution we can offer through design. We work towards a larger idea of “design justice,” where the importance of design is recognized as an asset for the benefit of all and not just for some. Our guiding principle is “form follows feeling” and our work always privileges human engagement. We explore this manifesto in all our projects—whether physical, digital, or hybrid—through design strategy, tectonics, and materiality. We employ a research-focused design strategy that looks at the intersection of neuroscience, art, and architecture, and the impact of environments on our brains and bodies. A Space for Being is a seminal project that outlines this approach. which finds use in our healthcare projects as well spaces we design for communication, focus, and collaboration.