12th Street Loft

Architecture, Interior Design —

Erected in 1889, this space in a  Romanesque Revival-style building originally served as part of an auction house for horse carriages and hansoms.

During the demolition of the existing 80’s vintage surfaces, we unearthed the beautiful bones of the older space including old wood and steel beams which became the foundation of a new aesthetic, and the material and infrastructure of the new apartment we were commissioned to design.

Solving the clients’ need for open space as well as privacy and the introduction of two new rooms, we used reclaimed wood to create louvered separations to modulate light. The additional room was inserted as a hidden volume at the front windows with louvered walls and floor elements that could transmit light into the space below as well.

New and historic at the same time, the space reflected both its origins and a new future.

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The design uses reclaimed wood and steel to add a new bedroom and offer privacy to the double height living space.