A Space for Being with Google

Interior Design —

At 2019’s Salone del Mobile Milano, A Space for Being explores how thoughtful design can impact us in a myriad of ways. Informed by neuroaesthetics, an interdisciplinary field of study that strives to understand how the brain responds to aesthetic experiences, Google’s Ivy Ross, Muuto’s Christian Grosen, and Reddymade’s Suchi Reddy developed A Space for Being as an interactive installation that incorporates diverse stimuli.

As guests entered the exhibit, they were outfitted with a wristband that measures specific physical and physiological responses. Next, they visited three rooms incorporating unique design experiences including furnishings, artwork, colors, textures, lighting, and sounds, created in consultation with the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University, Brain Science Institute. At the end of the exhibit, guests received a customized report suggesting in which space they felt “most comfortable” or “at ease,” based on their real-time physiological responses.

The exhibit showcased our unique responses to the world around us and the sensory experiences we all encounter on a daily basis. A Space for Being continues the conversation into how human-focused design can impact our wellbeing.

The exhibit explores the field of neuroaesthetics and how different aesthetic experiences have the potential to impact our biology and well-being.

“A Space for Being” continues the conversation into how human-focused design can impact our well-being.