Beverly Hills Residence

Interior Design —

In Beverly Hills, Reddymade designed the interiors of this residence to harness the ethereal quality of California sunlight, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces. This project marks a continued collaboration with a long-standing client and showcases Reddymade’s holistic approach to architecture and design.

The partnership began 15 years ago with residential projects in New York City and eventually transitioned to the West Coast as the client relocated. This latest design collaboration involved transforming a newly acquired house into a serene, unified home suitable for a growing family, despite the constraints of a tight timeline.

The design process, spanning two years amidst the pandemic, demanded a deep integration of architecture and interiors, focusing on the flow and connectivity of various areas within the home. The challenge was to create a serene atmosphere despite the home’s inherent angular architecture, which involved meticulous planning around the natural movement of sunlight throughout the day.

Central to Reddymade’s philosophy is the belief that a home should authentically reflect its inhabitants. The final design boasts thoughtful details and custom solutions, including sound-dampening features to enhance tranquility and strategic placement of furniture and art to capitalize on natural light. The result is a testament to Reddymade’s ability to transform conventional spaces into bespoke habitats that celebrate both form and function, tailored precisely to the client’s evolving lifestyle.


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