Design Trust for Public Space

Interior Design —

The Design Trust for Public Space is a nationally recognized incubator that transforms and evolves the city’s landscape with city agencies and community collaborators. The new interior design for the office was conceptualized to uphold the organization’s philosophy of transforming and evolving the city’s landscape through design excellence, environmental sustainability, mobility, and neighborhood revitalization.

The expansion and renovation of the Design Trust for Public Space office included the addition of a welcoming new reception area and a lobby with a display of the organization’s numerous publications so that the office could function as headquarters as well as a showroom. A new revitalized kitchen was introduced in the design with a small break-out area and conference room. A Molo wall has been used as a separator between the public and the staff workspace so that the space divider doubles up as a seating space. The Molo wall configuration can be modified based on the staff’s spatial requirements and allows for a ‘flex’ meeting area. The materials for the project were selected to provide a calm, quiet and serene work environment. Circular felt panels on the ceiling are evocative of clouds and aid in improving the acoustic quality of the space. Glass sliding doors have been used in-between spaces to enhance transparency and visual connection across spaces.