Reddymade Studio

Interior Design —

In 2018, Reddymade completed the renovation of its 1,500-square-foot Greenwich Village studio, which includes a meditation room and fully functioning kitchen. The redesign focused around the idea of making it feel like a black-and-white sketch that has come to life. Starting at the entry, there is a Sanskrit prayer above the glass door along with cantilevered charred wood window seats under the two windows. A console table by Gijs Bakker from Les Atelier Courbet, and the art above by Mary Ellen Carroll from MEC Studios continue the chosen colors.

A white venetian plaster hall connects the entry to the studio space and kitchen. From this hall a black three-dimensional anamorphic graphic cube is seen at the far end of the room. The reflective plaster walls of the hallway contain a door on the left to Reddy’s office, and to the right, the conference room. Reddy’s office features Glenn Ligon’s Negro Sunshine framed on the wall, a custom designed desk fabricated by RK Custom Furniture and meditation space that partitions off with sliding shoji screen doors. In front of the rear wall is a secondary group meeting space, featuring the only color in the room, bright red Eames chairs surrounding a Saarinen table.

The kitchen is tucked into the right-hand corner off the main office entrance, and the wall beside the kitchen was designed with metal bookshelves and has an invisible opening when a section pivots for access to and from the conference room.

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