Tulsa Court Residence

Architecture, Interior Design —

It was the long-time dream of the clients to have their own custom-built home. We designed an open and free-flowing two-story home, guided by a subtle modulation of color, texture, and light for this family of three along with their poodles.

Throughout the house, skylights bring in natural light, and carefully curated views maintain a continuous connection between the interior of the home, its front and back yards.

Inside, a rich and bold palette of materials provides a strong counterpart to the scale of the house. Contrasts and unexpected pairings run as a connecting thread through the open spaces—dark flows into light, natural textures meet smooth surfaces and stone couples with glass.

The heart of the house is centered around a double-height family room and foyer with a corridor connecting both spaces. The ground level offers a seamless flow through a variety of entertainment areas, separated by wide doorways. Despite the house being over 19,000 square feet, it offers room for the clients to host their extended family, while maintaining a sense of intimacy and familiarity through materials.

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There is always a sense of pulling you somewhere using the devices of light and color.

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