Meltzer Residence

Interior Design —

The design concept was inspired by the client’s love of graphics and color, and her wish to live with artwork beyond objects on pedestals and walls. Rather than presenting works as objects to be carefully observed, like in a gallery, the pieces are more accessible and integrated into daily live.

In this Tribeca loft renovation, Reddymade used pieces from the client’s collection as well as bright hues to define smaller areas within rooms, and to give a distinct character to every room in the apartment. In this way, each room declares itself as its own individual artwork while coming together as a cohesive home for the family.

In the living area, vintage pieces are mixed with contemporary furniture to create an eclectic and visually dynamic overall atmosphere. The blue coffee table provides a strong pop of color in a neutral living. Custom millwork is used throughout the residence to provide maximum flexibility and optimized storage space. In the powder room, the walls and door are covered in a graphic wallpaper in contrast to the neutral corridor.

Creating playfulness in functionality was the theme of kitchen, where a bright red bar made from 3form resin can slide out from the island, transforming this into a space for entertaining. In addition, the refrigerator doors double as a chalkboard used to organize the preteens’ busy weekly schedules. Both concepts are uniquely suited to the unusual confines of New York City-based lifestyles. The kitchen was reimagined as its own distinct area, while keeping it open to the living room.

The master bath is defined by white tiles with graduating rows of black tiles. The vintage chandelier is an unexpected focal point that contrasts with the graphic minimalism of the walls. For the family’s twin preteens, two separate bathrooms are designed as mirror images of each other. The bold black and white color palette matches that of the master bathroom but is articulated with a more graphic look. The twin’s bathrooms are identical except for their vanities—black for him, and white for her.

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