X is for Love, Times Square

Public Art —

X is a sculpture about love, justice and unity. Its form is inspired by the history of the iconic New York urban space of Times Square and its presence in the eyes of the world as a thriving intersection of people, place, and culture. The X has been the universal symbol for a kiss since 1813, ending affectionate messages, love letters, heartfelt notes, cards and emails all over the world. The X is the mark of a vote, of democracy and the freedom of choice for the individual. It also playfully references the vestigial XXX history of Times Square. Responding to Dr. Cornel West’s words, “Justice is what love looks like in public; tenderness is what love feels like in private,” X explores expressions of love as they affects our communities, in the context of our current polarized and charged political climate. 

Two converging planes together make an iconic “X,” which, when met at their intersection by a cylindrical volume, creates a heart-shaped space. The message is: at the meeting of difference and division, when justice, equality and democracy are inserted, love can be created. At 18 feet tall, visitors are able to inhabit the work to discover the heart shape within the X. As the public engages with the sculpture and steps on the platform of the X, the heart and the edges light up—the more people inhabiting the space, the brighter the light.

X was born in New York City, but its message is synergistic with a larger commitment to unity and justice. 

The inscription at the heart’s center—Into Difference, Add Equality, Find Love—explores how love within communities can manifest through connecting diversity and equality.



· 2020 “Creating X” AIA Film Challenge Finalist
· 2019 NYCxDesign Award Project Finalist

“The light illustrated the power of the individual and the strength of community.” —Interior Design

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