X is for Love, Times Square

X is a sculpture about love, justice and unity. Its form is inspired by the history of the iconic New York urban space of Times Square and its presence in the eyes of the world as a thriving intersection of people, place, and culture. The X has been the universal symbol for a kiss since… Continue reading X is for Love, Times Square

Williamson Residence

A young couple moving uptown from downtown commissioned Reddymade to renovate a sprawling, light-filled, apartment in a pre-war co-op on the Upper West Side. They wanted a cool “downtown chic” vibe. The 6,000-square-foot residence had to be functional and beautiful, filled with furniture, objects, and art that would not only inspire them but reflect an… Continue reading Williamson Residence

Montone Residence

This cozy West Village apartment was created for two avid lovers of mid-century modern design. Every element was carefully chosen, from the Rich Brilliant Willing Mori lamps and the Issey Miyake pendant to the vintage double knot Moroccan rug and the green classic Eames chair. A special element of the apartment is the design of… Continue reading Montone Residence

Reddymade Studio

In 2018, Reddymade completed the renovation of its 1,500-square-foot Greenwich Village studio, which includes a meditation room and fully functioning kitchen. The redesign focused around the idea of making it feel like a black-and-white sketch that has come to life. Starting at the entry, there is a Sanskrit prayer above the glass door along with… Continue reading Reddymade Studio

Venice Beach Residence

Refined materials, details, and proportions create a feeling of spaciousness, harmony, and peace. The dream of the Californian indoor-outdoor lifestyle comes to reality with carefully detailed motorized doors that allow the house to be fully open to the lap pool designed to animate the building exterior with dappled reflections during the day and create a… Continue reading Venice Beach Residence

Meltzer Residence

The design concept was inspired by the client’s love of graphics and color, and her wish to live with artwork beyond objects on pedestals and walls. Rather than presenting works as objects to be carefully observed, like in a gallery, the pieces are more accessible and integrated into daily live. In this Tribeca loft renovation,… Continue reading Meltzer Residence

Cherokee Residence

A hybrid prefab and site-built project, this house is built on a steeply sloping site. We collaborated with LivingHomes as Project Design Coordinator and Interior Architect to create the home. Based on a design by Ray Kappe FAIA for LivingHomes, the midcentury-modern-inspired design blurs the boundary between exterior and interior spaces with a courtyard and… Continue reading Cherokee Residence

15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West is one of the most prestigious residential building in Manhattan. The clients have a great interest in art and culture and for their New York City apartment they expanded their collection of Asian and American artists including Damien Hirst, James Welling, Shinichi Maruyama, and Yao Lu mixed in with Mughal antiques.… Continue reading 15 Central Park West

10 W 66th Street

This project involved the gut renovation of a 1,275 square foot apartment with stunning views of Central Park. Originally a two-bedroom apartment, we redesigned the space to be a one-bedroom apartment with a larger living space and an office to suit our client’s needs. The design focused on maximizing the light and views and enhancing… Continue reading 10 W 66th Street

Bedford Residence

Interiors by Reddymade Design & Architecture

Reddymade collaborated with a range of top tier artists and artisans to create something very special for a client’s home in Bedford, New York. The design of this home is focused on the idea of melding the client’s extensive art collection and design into something that’s unified and offers continual moments of discovery.  The entryway… Continue reading Bedford Residence