LOOK HERE, Washington DC

Inspired by an ancient Japanese artifact called the “magic mirror,” which shows a hidden image when illuminated, Suchi Reddy’s installation LOOK HERE reveals unexpected reflections of the National Building Museum’s Center Court in Washington, DC. As visitors move through the atrium space, they discover viewports that create individual moments of contemplation among clusters of reflective… Continue reading LOOK HERE, Washington DC

Shaped by Air, Milan Design Week

Shaped by Air is an installation by Suchi Reddy for Lexus unveiled during Milan Design Week 2023 at Superstudio,  alongside prototypes by the four LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2023 winners. It was first presented in the sculpture garden at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami (ICA Miami) during Miami Art & Design Week 2022, and it… Continue reading Shaped by Air, Milan Design Week

Design Trust for Public Space

The Design Trust for Public Space is a nationally recognized incubator that transforms and evolves the city’s landscape with city agencies and community collaborators. The new interior design for the office was conceptualized to uphold the organization’s philosophy of transforming and evolving the city’s landscape through design excellence, environmental sustainability, mobility, and neighborhood revitalization. The… Continue reading Design Trust for Public Space

Shaped by Air, Lexus + ICA Miami

Shaped by Air is a public installation for Lexus on view in the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) sculpture garden in Miami, Florida. Inspired by the brand’s sustainable ethos, which is exemplified by the Lexus Electrified Sport, the ethereal and abstracted installation expresses the vehicle as being in harmony with its environment. Abstracted mesh forms,… Continue reading Shaped by Air, Lexus + ICA Miami

Tilting Rock Residence

A retired couple asked Reddymade to transform their holiday retreat—a Japanese-style mid-century house nestled between the rugged rocks of the Atlantic Ocean shoreline in Rhode Island—into their daily home. We remodeled the kitchen and dining room, added a two-car garage, a mudroom, and dual workspaces, as well as giving them more storage and a yoga… Continue reading Tilting Rock Residence

me + you, The Smithsonian

Technology has brought us immeasurable knowledge, but it is our human imprint on this knowledge that shapes its being in the world around us. Weaving the wisdom of humans and the intelligence of technology together, me + you is an interactive sculpture created through combined strengths, as an emblem for a positive future of coevolution.… Continue reading me + you, The Smithsonian

Google Store Chelsea

On the ground floor of Google headquarters in Chelsea, Manhattan, Google’s first ever physical retail store is built on the core principles of neuroaesthetics. The architecture and interior of the store are a playful and pragmatic expression of the motto “form follows feeling,” bringing a unique focus to the interplay of good design with human… Continue reading Google Store Chelsea


Becoming is a work that embodies the transformation every immigrant goes through as we leave our native lands and code switch and adapt to new conditions. Tectonically expressed as a flexing arch form, it offers a gateway that is emblematic of the liminal space that every immigrant occupies and embodies a journey into the unknown… Continue reading Becoming

Salt Point Residence

For this weekend home in Salt Point, New York, Reddymade worked closely with artist Ai Weiwei to design a 2,000 square foot linear extension. Built in the 1980s, the existing residence is composed of a cluster of hexagonal pavilions. For the new structure, we transposed this hexagonal plan to shape the section for the addition.… Continue reading Salt Point Residence

Tulsa Court Residence

It was the long-time dream of the clients to have their own custom-built home. We designed an open and free-flowing two-story home, guided by a subtle modulation of color, texture, and light for this family of three along with their poodles. Throughout the house, skylights bring in natural light, and carefully curated views maintain a… Continue reading Tulsa Court Residence